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Can you help us purchase computer equipments?

Yes. We can help you purchase computer equipments for your computing need at affordable rates from the manufacturers and stores from our whit-list.

Can you provide a “helping hand” to our computer department?

Yes. We can provide your computer department a “helping hand” as needed. We always strive to provide any computer consulting services you may need.

Can you help us subscribe a broadband service?

Yes. We can help you get a reliable cable modem / DSL line or T1 line at special monthly low-rates. We can work with the service provider until the service is activated and you start using it comfortably.

Can you provide computer consulting services on a yearly basis?

Yes. We can provide you IT outsourcing services on a yearly basis, instead of an hourly basis, if you have any long-term project, you may be eligible for discounts depending on its type and length. This can be discussed in details during the free consultation.

Can you support our existing network?

Yes. We can provide you the network support service once we analyze your existing network environment and redesign it (if necessary) to bring it up to a level where we can support it and lower your support costs. A stable network does not require “too much” constant support. If your network goes down constantly or does not perform at an acceptable level, it is probably a good idea to redesign or upgrade it before support it.

Can you set up a database and dynamic web pages?

Yes. We can design a database and dynamic web pages. We consider several factors in our web and database designs, such as, the time it takes to load web pages, corporate look of the web sites, database availability, confidentiality and integrity issues and so on. In addition, we can provide you any network, database and web-related services you may need for the database and web site even after they are put into the production environment. Our goal is to provide you complete database and web solution.

Can you set up our network, database, website, e-mail accounts, backup system, broadband Internet connection and VPN? Also, can we count on you to maintain all these and provide us in a reasonable time any computer related help we may need?

Yes. We can provide you a complete computer consulting solution at affordable rates, so that you can compute efficiently using stable computer systems. Our IT outsourcing service is intended to help you focus more on your business and increase productivity. You can consider us your IT department.

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