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Web sites are the most cost effective form of advertising. They are always available, inexpensive, and easy to change. For example, you might update your site when you have a new offer, a new hire or some other newsworthy event. Web sites can also bring customers to you that would otherwise be unaware of your business. Sites can be used to deliver valuable information like business hours, special packages offered by your business, phone numbers to use for customer service, directions and maps to your location—in short, the list is endless.

Web sites are also the least expensive way to sell your products. Your customer chooses the merchandise, enters their information for your customer files and then pays on line. There are no sales people or data entry people to pay. In some cases, you do not even need inventory. What could be easier?

Anyone with a word processing program and minimal skills in uploading data to a remote server can put up a web site. Unfortunately when you try this do it yourself approach, you typically are left with undesirable results. It is like trying to paint the exterior of your car without the right tools or any idea of what types of paint to use on different materials—you can do it, but you would not be very happy driving the car around afterwards.

USNet Consulting has the right tools, the experience and expertise to deliver the kind of web site that will represent the caliber of your business. We do this through a customer-centric approach that includes several steps. These are:

Gathering requirements and goals
Collecting publicly available information on competitors
Creating sharp, business tailored designs
Review meetings to ensure a perfect match with your needs and goals
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Virus Protection
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